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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Local Electorate Follows Most of the Statewide Patterns that Were Evident in the Recent Election

• State Measures Were a Totally Different Proposition


Slightly more than half of the registered voters in Malibu showed up for last week’s general election, according to the Los Angeles County Registrar Recorder’s tally of votes.
There are 8767 registered voters in Malibu, and the county says that 4474 cast their votes last Tuesday, amounting to 51 percent of the registered voters in Malibu.
Compared to the 43 percent of voters that cast ballots countywide, this was a respectable turnout.
It appears that Malibu can no longer be considered a Democratic stronghold, given that in many of the races the Democratic winner won by as few as 300 votes.
That was certainly the case in the race for governor. Jerry Brown got 2310 votes with Meg Whitman following close behind with 2000 ballots cast for her.
In the race for U.S. Senate, incumbent Barbara Boxer received 2263 Malibu votes while challenger Carly Fiona took 1963.
Even in the race for Congress, longtime incumbent Democrat Henry Waxman got just 2276 votes against unknown challenger C E Wilkerson and his tally of 1840.
Current Assemblymember Julia Brownley kept her seat by defeating challenger Terry Rathbun, scoring 2146 votes to his 1825.
However, one race that apeared to run counter to the voting trends was the seat for attorney general.
Republican Steve Cooley beat out Democrat Kamala Harris for the office. Cooley persuaded 2115 Malibu voters, while Harris garnered 1880.
Treasurer candidate Bill Lockyer got 2262 votes. Republican Mimi Walters’ received 1593 votes.
The same approximate margin was how Gavin Newsom scored a victory over Abel Maldonado for lieutenant governor with 2299 votes to Maldonado’s 1590 and how John Chiang won out over Tony Strickland for controller, by 2161 to 1757.
That loose formula did not apply to the state meaures, where there was a wide flux of votes depending upon the initiative and many did not reflect the state trend.
Example: There were 2088 yes votes on Measure 21, the State Parks initiative, which was defeated, and 2077 no votes. Prop 23, an attempt to set aside the state’s Global Warming Act, there was a whopping 2837 no votes to 1372 yes votes.
But maybe Malibu can still be perceived as having some liberal leanings. The measure to legalize marijuana, which failed statewide, won handily in Malibu by 2651 yes votes to 1593 nos.