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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

City Issues a Call for Applicants for Malibu Arts Consultant Post

• Cultural Arts Task Force Set to Go


Malibu city officials issued a request for a proposal for a consultant to work with the municipality’s newly formed Cultural Arts Task Force.
The RFP is seeking a professional who can work with the 11-member arts panel created last October by the city council to provide input regarding the development of a comprehensive plan for the arts for the coastal community.
The council appointed the members from the community to assist the staff in numerous tasks including the potential financial impact and funding of any plan and to come up with a set of recommendations for the plan and a time frame.
The focus of the plan, according to the planning staff, is to build the arts infrastructure of Malibu as “the foundation of a healthy arts ecosystem. The strong cultural infrastructure includes places for arts creation, sales, exhibitions, performances and rehearsal, people, including artists, audience, patrons and organizations to produce and present art.”
In the RFP, Senior Planner Stephanie Danner writes the arts and humanities are now being seen as tools for civic engagement and our cultural organizations as promoters of social capital, part of the glue that holds our community together.
“Because the arts help to define and communicate Malibu’s culture, it is important that those working in the creative sector are provided with both the tangible and intangible resources they need to work and thrive,” she added.
The city council, according to Danner, is committed to the view that the planning process can make a positive change in the city.
The RFP also indicates the city is seeking proposals from a consultant with specific experience in public arts to facilitate the development of the arts plan for the city.
The scope of work goes on for nearly a half-dozen pages and includes the meetings the consultant needs to attend besides the task force meetings.
The proposals will be read by the planning manager, senior planner, city arts task force chair, task force vice chair and one other designated member of the panel. The top candidates will be interviewed by the committee which will select the preferred consultant. The contract will be approved by the city council.

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