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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Random Thoughts as the Year of 2010 Draws to a Close

• Locals Reflect on 2010 and Look Ahead to the Coming Year


Mary Jennings, new mom to Tulsi, four months old, shared, “I love the water features at Legacy Park. Tulsi loves story time at the library.” Her hope for Malibu in 2011 is to “see a community garden where people can gather and learn how to grow food.”
Farah Stack, a 6th grader at Malibu High, shared, “I liked the two new parks in Malibu.” Stack’s personal 2010 highlights include winning Junior Lifeguard medals this summer. For the upcoming year, Stack shared, “I want everyone to be happy and healthy this year and everyone in the world to be at peace.”
Jaclyn Gelb said, “I had an amazing year of growth and expansion of my heart. For 2011, I wish to fall even further in love with the world.”
She added, “I would like Malibu to bring in the Whole Foods already.” When asked about the changes she disliked, she mentioned, “More mom-and-pop shops disappeared, more chains came in.”
Fourteen-year-old Audrey Eamer shared what she did not like about 2010. “My friend Emily Shane was killed by a speeding driver as she walked to a cross walk. My wish for 2011 is that our community of Malibu does not forget Emily and makes walking to the market or to a friend’s house safe for all of us kids.”
Ben Markiles, age 14, shared, “The best of 2010 was the World Cup.” Ben added that he didn’t like “no summer weather during summer.” He hopes for good grades in school this coming year.
A group of Malibu West children shared about their highlights and hopes for this and the coming year. Joemack Leonardo said, “Legacy Park opened, which was a waste of land.” Cameron Smoller added, “They should put in soccer fields there.” Smoller’s twin sister Ellery shared, “HOWS should stay open.”
Ashley Ferbas, who is in third grade at Webster Elementary, shared, “I love that I got a new kitten and I love Legacy Park.”
Ashley’s parents, Kathie and John Ferbas, shared that their favorite thing about Malibu in 2010 was the return of the Farmers Market. Their least favorite thing was “the cuts to the public school budgets and the difficulties we face funding programs at the local level.”
The Ferbas’ added that their wish for 2011 is that “the economy will stabilize and that California will extend equal rights to all who want to marry.”
Dalton Rondell shared about his highlights for 2010. “Runman [a local punk band] started and there were good sandbars. I didn’t like that they kicked out small businesses.” For 2011, Rondell hopes that Malibu will keep small businesses and not turn Trancas into Cross Creek.” I’m mad that HOWS is leaving.”
Rondell added, “I love Malibu because of the friendly faces I see every day and the good waves.”
Jeff Higginbotham, a lifelong Malibu resident, hopes that in 2011, he will “keep breathing and smiling at the same time.”
Krishna Jaret shared, “I loved the painted lifeguard huts created for Haiti. I hope they create them again in the summer of 2011.” When asked what she’d like to see stay the same in Malibu next year Krishna said, “Levon and European Shoe Repair at Cross Creek.”
Krishna’s daughter, Harmony is five years-old and attends Point Dume Elementary School. For 2011, Harmony wants to “turn the world into a big smiley face.”

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