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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Coastal to Begin Review of Rocker’s Controversial Mega-Manses in Hills

• Subdivision Plans Create an Environmental Uproar


A controversial residential subdivision planned for the hills high above Sweetwater Mesa being shepherded by the rock guitarist David Evans, whose stage name is The Edge, along with other investors, is scheduled to go again before the California Coastal Commission on Feb. 10, when the coastal panel meets in Chula Vista.
Each of the applications for the proposed mansions—some of them planned for over 12,000 square feet in size are “owned” by different entities.
For instance, the application of Lunch Properties LLLP is to construct a 22-foot-high, three-level, 12,004-square-foot single-family home with 629 square feet of storage space, an attached 2128-square-foot garage, and swimming pool, requiring 4800 cubic yards of grading.
The proposed project includes the access road to connect Sweetwater Mesa Road in the City of Malibu to the subject property, involving 10,750 cubic yards of grading, retaining walls and an entry gate. There are two fire department staging areas totaling almost 10,000 square feet, requiring 700-cubic yards of grading.
The Vera Properties LLLP application consists of a proposal to build a 22-foot-high, two-level 12,785 square-foot. single-family home with 2116 square feet of storage space, a 1694-square-foot detached garage, swimming pool and 1595 square feet of terraces requiring 10,700 cubic yards of grading, including a 7800 extension of an eight-inch diameter water line down to the property and to the other four houses from an existing water line in the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District beneath Costa Del Sol Way near the top of the mountain north of the properties.
The Mulryan Properties LLLP request seeks to construct a 28-ft-high, two-level, 7220-sq.-ft. home with a 1398-sq.-ft. attached garage, 3709 square feet of terraces, swimming pool, access drive with two hammerhead turnarounds and 5950 cubic yards of grading. The proposal also includes a 20,000-sq.-ft. fire department staging area, involving another 9400 cubic yards of grading and placement of 13,950 cubic yards of excess excavated material generated from development of related applications upon the 1.88-acre area.
The Morleigh Properties LLLP application calls for construction of a 28-ft.-high, three-level, 8348-sq.-ft.-single family home with a 753 sq. ft. attached garage, swimming pool, two hammerhead turnarounds, and 18,050 cubic yards of grading.
The application of the Ronan Properties LLLP consists of building a 28-ft.-high, three-level, 12,143-sq.-ft. home, 2232 sq. ft. of storage space, 3161 square feet of terraces and a 1762-sq.-ft. detached garage, swimming pool and 16,000 cubic yards of grading.

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