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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Property at Western Malibu Road Experiences Earth Movement

• Cause of Failing Hillside Does Not Appear to Have an Immediately Determinable Explanation


A small slide above Malibu Road has reportedly caused Malibu city officials to “yellow tag” two residences, where debris, mud and rocks are slowly coming perilously close to the dwellings.
City officials, who have been consulting with geologists, have been monitoring the slide for the last several days and are trying to determine a temporary “fix” to stop the debris from coming down the hillside.
No one is saying if the latest earth movement is from a previous slide, where remedial work was recently approved by the planning commission last October.
The slope repair sought by a neighbor on the bluff called for “trimming a slump-affected slope back to slope gradient equal to two to one, utilizing the cut materials as fill and hydro-seeding to stabilize the failed slope, including a variance to exceed the maximum grade cut of two to one for the finished slope and a site plan review for remedial grading.”
Longtime residents say the area has a history of slide activity.
The current slide, which measures approximately 30 feet, has reportedly been visibly active for several weeks.Observers say recent heavy rains may be a contributing factor but are not the cause of the slide.
A concrete drainage swale, retaining wall and a number of trees and shrubs and garden steps have slipped down the hill.
City officials and law enforcement representatives say they are keeping careful watch on the slide.

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