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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

2011-2012 Budget Timeline Adopted at SMMUSD Board Meeting Is Inherent Stressor

• Enrollment Decline Being Projected


School board members set a timeline for the 2011-12 budget that will include non-reelects and layoffs, and the release of all temporary positions except special education, math and science.
Reflecting on last year’s challenges, the board indicated, “The development of the 2010-11 budget for Santa Monica-Malibu Unified was one of the most difficult, stressful activities in recent district memory. Staff was forced to make recommendations that clearly had potential long-term damage to the district’s ability to deliver high quality educational services.”
This year, Brown’s budget proposal “attempts to restore local control of service delivery and save the state money and continue temporary taxes due to expire now for another five years. If the taxes are extended, the cuts are as he proposed in January and education is “flat” funded for 2011-12. If the taxes are not extended, an estimate additional $9 billion would be needed for the state budget, including large cuts to education,” the board shared.
In addition to generating local income to meet district needs, human resources staff will being sharing enrollment projections and staff recommendations by meeting with each school’s principal in coming months. The board projects a smaller overall student enrollment in the upcoming year, a smaller kindergarten class, and “assuming strict staffing limitations with little to no overstaffing.”
The district will use enrollment projections to begin allocating FTEs for the 2011-12 school year. According to the board, “Each year, the enrollment trends are studied, and a series of projections are made indicating the number of students the district expects at each grade level. The district then applies staffing ratios to those projections and derives an FTE allocation for each school.”
The 2011-12 budget will be adopted June 30.

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