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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Council Considers Audit of City’s Sheriff’s Agreement

• Firm Would Verify Delivery of Services


The Malibu City Council is poised to approve a contract with a consulting firm to audit the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and the Local Agency Formation Commission agreement with the county.
Lance, Soll & Lunghard, LLP, has been asked to perform an audit of the sheriff’s department “ascertaining that the city has received the proper level of service…and the county has properly abided by certain LAFCO agreements.”
The one-time audit by LSL, which conducts the interim, annual and single audits of the city each year, would cost an additional $14,500.
Municipal officials want LSL to obtain all time records and time cards of the sheriff’s employees assigned to the city for the period of 07/01/09 through 06/30/10.
The audit will consist of selecting a week for each month and the schedule of the names and level/positions of deputies assigned to the city and the number of hours worked from the time card.
For each week scheduled, the auditors are being asked to add all hours worked and verify that the total hours per service units/positions are in compliance and to discuss and document any discrepancies with the contact person at the sheriff’s department. Then, for each week scheduled, add all hours worked and verify that the total hours per service units/positions is in compliance.
The audit shall also select two weeks from the weeks tested (one in the first half of the year and the other in the second half of the year) and determine that total hours to the payroll register and the sheriff’s itemized invoices sent to the city agree.
“Our report should be used by you solely to assist you in ascertaining that the city has received the proper level of service regarding the sheriff’s department and the county has properly abided by certain agreements of the LAFCO agreement upon incorporation by the City of Malibu. The distribution of the report is limited to the city council and city officials of the City of Malibu,” LSL stated.
There are a dozen items the city wants the auditors to look at under the LAFCO agreement.
The purpose, according to LSL, is to test and verify non-affected agency and district responsibilities in regard to the LAFCO agreement and the city.
The auditing firm will verify “that the city is not funding school related activities. or bearing any cost or responsibility of the waterworks agency, verify and determine whether the city is properly bearing or not bearing costs of the Point Dome Community Services District, and verify that the costs for vacant lot weed abatement is not paid by the city.”
The audit will also determine the city is not paying for flood control activities, solid waste management, storm drain maintenance and verify proper amounts the city has received for citation fines collected by the California Highway Patrol, which are split 50 percent to the city and 50 percent to the county. Fines collected from LASD-issued citations are split 89 percent to the city and 11 percent to the county, according to the report.
At this time, the audit does not include any comparison of the costs charged by the LASD to other cities for the same services being provided to Malibu.

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