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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

End of Story for Malibu Independent Bookstore


The owners of Diesel, a Bookstore, jointly announced this week the store is shutting down after seven years operating at the same location.
John Evans and Alison Reid, who operate two successful bookstores in Oakland and Brentwood, did not address e-books, the Internet or other hi-tech reasons for the closure, but rather the “market forces” of the shopping center they located in.
“A change of landlords and related increases, along with years of demolition and construction have damaged our business in that location, beyond repair.
“We are strong in our belief that independent bookstores will continue to strive and thrive and that communities such as Malibu will continue to desire and need them,” they wrote in a letter
The setback can be called especially bittersweet for the couple, who “fell in love” with Malibu and made it their home.
They did offer a glimmer of hope that maybe some situation would turn up to rescue the plight of the bookstore.
“We are sorry to close the store and hold out hope that something will turn up to make it possible to open in Malibu again. We are hoping to be able to find a Malibu landlord that understands this,” they added.
They noted they will be running what they call a “Swinging Sale” at the Malibu store since “we are at the end of our rope.”
The store is located in the Malibu Village shopping center once known as Cross Creek Plaza.

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