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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Upcoming Public School Year Will Begin in August

• Change Involves Two-Year Transition


Academic calendars were approved at last week’s Santa Monica–Malibu Unified School District board meeting for the next two school years that include major changes. The first day of the upcoming school year is Aug. 30, nearly one week before the Labor Day holiday, and will be part of a transition to the following year when the school year will begin on Aug. 22.
Students will still have their first semester final exams after the winter break in 2011-12. However, finals will be held before the winter holiday starting in 2012-13, which is the goal of the scheduling change.
There are no furlough days currently on next year’s calendar. There are five furlough days this academic year that added up to $2 million in savings for the district.
According to the district superintendent’s office, “If furlough days were to be added, it is something that would need to be negotiated with both union groups.”

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