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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Restaurant Owner Asks City for Help in Resolving Signage Issue at Accident Site

• Recent Motorcyclist Fatality Raises Speed and View Concerns


The owner of a restaurant in west Malibu that is located near the scene of several fatalities over the years, the most recent two weeks ago involving a local motorcyclist, came to the Malibu City Council chambers this week in the middle of the anniversary celebrations to seek municipal help.
Jeff Peterson, the owner of Geoffrey’s restaurant, said the signs that indicate ingress and egress, as well as no parking, at the Pacific Coast Highway location, have been taken down repeatedly, causing confusion for customers and motorists.
“I called the city. I called Caltrans. We were told one time that the conservancy took them down. Caltrans said the city should put up the signs,” Peterson told council members.
“It is really dangerous. The signs were pulled down again. I have to get [someone] to respond,” the restaurateur said.
Malibu resident Joseph Annocki, 41, was killed in a motorcycle collision on March 16, when an out-of-state driver, who was attempting to leave the dining establishment, reportedly made an illegal left turn into opposing traffic at about 9 p.m.
Annocki, estimated to have been traveling at 60 mph, apparently attempted to swerve and brake. He was able to slow and down the bike, but he was thrown into the errant vehicle whose driver was unsuccessfully trying to correct his mistake.
Peterson indicated that speeding occurs often on this section of PCH. He said, “People are going down that hill at 65 mph. It is dangerous. Caltrans is not taking responsibility,”
Comments acknowledged that there are no parking areas, but the issue of both sides of PCH often having vehicles closely parked up and down the hill by restaurant valets was not raised.

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