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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

School Uniforms to be Discussed at Malibu High

• Current Dress Code Prohibits Midriffs, Short Shorts and Sagging Pants

By Julie Fulmer Wallach

Malibu High School is considering the idea of school uniforms on campus. Last week, the school’s site council committee met and began preliminary dialogue about the change.
Karen Hunter Quartz, Malibu High parent and site council member said, “The discussion was really just exploratory, identifying the pros and cons and talking about how to set up an inclusive and deliberative process to make a decision like this. There are several parents who support uniforms at MHS, but it’s too early to tell what the deliberative process will yield.”
In the meantime, administrators are enforcing a dress code that requires students to wear clothing that is “neat, clean, and in good repair for the personal health and safety of the student.”
The dress code policy, found in the student handbook, also states, “Shorts should reach fingertip length. No short shorts are allowed. Bare midriffs cannot be revealed. See-through clothing that exposes undergarments or strapless garments are not permitted.”
Students wearing inappropriate clothing will be taken out of class to change into proper clothing provided in a “change your clothes closet” at the attendance office. Repeated violations result in disciplinary action.
Parents are asked to “check backpacks and bags for additional clothing that may be different from what you are intending your child to wear in school.”

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