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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Council Expected to Adopt Conflict of Interest Code

• Some Municipal Employees Would Be Required to File Statements


Malibu City Council members are expected to adopt a new conflict of interest code to bring it up to date at next week’s meeting.
State code requires the city to adopt a conflict of interest code and there is supposed to be a biennial review of the code. The city's code was last amended in 2000, according to a staff report prepared by City Clerk Lisa Pope.
Pope goes on to explain that the state code requires that designated officials are required to file statements of economic interests. Those Malibu officials currently include city council members, city manager, city attorney, planning commissioners and city treasurer.
“Additionally, the city’s conflict of interest code must designate the positions within the city that involve the making or participation in the making of decisions which may foreseeably have a material effect on any financial interest,” Pope added. “Newly designated positions will be required to file assuming office statements within 30 days of adoption of the city's code.”
The resolution before the council adopts the proposed city code and repeals the previous code and amendments, according to Pope.
The proposed law states the city requires full disclosure for certain employees who must include all interests in real property in the city, as well as investments, business positions and sources of income, including gifts, loans and travel payments.
The staff members required to do so include: assistant city attorney, assistant city manager, building inspector, city biologist, city clerk, city geologist, code enforcement officer, building official, deputy building official, environmental health administrator, finance- accounting manager, mobile home park rent stabilization commissioners, parks and recreation director, planning director, public works director, public works inspector, public works superintendent, senior civil engineer, senior code enforcement officer, senior public works inspector.
Additionally, the new code still includes positions required to provide full disclosure: the city attorney, city council, city manager, city treasurer and planning commissioners.
The rules for consultants are carried out slightly differently and are based on city manager determination.
The designated positions must file statements of economic interests with the city clerk.

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