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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Proposal to Temporarily Locate Skate Park on the Bluffs Meets Opposition

• Tai Chi Student Raises Issue of Boarders Using Up Parking


The first voice of opposition was heard at a Malibu City Council meeting this week about the possibility of the city's skate park relocating to Bluffs Park.
Malibu resident Hope Berk said she and her fellow attendees at a Tai chi class object to the skate park being placed in Bluffs Park because of the limited parking.
“We support a skate park, but not at Bluffs Park,” said Berk, who told council members that a beach park might be a better location.
Councilmember Pamela Conley Ulich said she got the message loud and clear from Berk. “We are put in a hard position, but you make a valid concern. We would double the parking. We will not have any loss of parking,” Conley Ulich said.
Councilmember Jefferson Wagner said the skate park is a valuable element. “We are aware of it,” said Wagner, who talked about another parking problem at the Bluffs Park where weekend bicyclists and others park cars at the park while Little leaguers and their parents are looking for parking spots.
The Papa Jack Skate Park is being removed from a vacant Civic Center parcel where a shopping center is planned
Steve Soboroff, who heads up the Whole Foods in the Park proposal, said he would contribute $25,000 to help facilitate the move.
Soboroff had previously given a termination date, but extended it to October.

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