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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SMC Takes Up Pre-Purchase Tasks for Satellite Campus

• All Parties Are Expected to Finalize Agreement by the Start of 2012


The Malibu Public Facilities Authority, a joint powers agency of the City of Malibu and Santa Monica College met recently to hear an update about the status of negotiations with the county to build a satellite campus on county property in the Civic Center area of Malibu.
Last month Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky made the announcement about the board and the college reaching a preliminary agreement.
Authority members were told in a report issued two weeks ago that the college, city and county, after the final details of the agreement are worked out, are expected to sign it by January, 2012.
The college is now in the process of what it calls its pre-purchase tasks such as preparing environmental phase one and phase two reports, conducting a land survey, performing geotechnical testing and preparing site drawings showing the approximate new building location, requested by the county.
“All of the pre-purchase tasks will be completed by mid-summer 2011. The land survey is critical to determine the division of the property. Once the survey is complete, the parties will have to consult on the exact dividing line that will determine the borders of the new site,” the staff report states.
“Assuming nothing new is discovered during the environmental and geotechnical testing that would make the site unsuitable for a community college facility, a series of technical meetings with the county will be required to determine the extent of the utility relocations and to determine a plan to keep or relocate the communications tower,” the report goes on to state.
Depending on the availability of county personnel for the necessary meetings, the process should be able to be concluded by early fall 2011, according to college officials.
The preliminary terms of the agreemnt have not changed since the matter has been discussed with the county, according to college officials.
The arrangement will be by lease. There will be an initial 25-year term, with fourteen five-year options. The amount of $4,369,655 will be pre-paid rent, paid in advance, covering the cost of demolition of the former Sheriff facility and other improvements, including paying for and performing some portion of the county’s compliance with effluent and stormwater treatment requirements. Other work includes rerouting of utilities.
The county will retain ownership of the helipad and existing garage and fueling station.
The communications tower will remain in place or be relocated at the college’s expense. The county can review parking and circulation plans in order to ensure continued access for other Civic Center facilities and to meet its parking obligation of the Superior Court.
All improvements are to be architecturally compatible with the existing Civic Center. The county may request up to 5,700 square feet within the new complex for a community sheriff’s station and emergency operations center. The interior of the space would be outfitted at the county’s cost.

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