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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Malibu: My Town

 By Bob Curtis

I can’t think of a more nondescript
thrown together place as this town
that has never really decided what it’s going to be from decade to decade to decadence and back.

Small towns grow,
spread out,
from town square,
from hardware and barbershop
to modest homes
and then, in time,
the big mansions
of the wealthy.

But most folks have the same goals:
A nice house,
maybe two cars,
work hard,
love your family,
send your kids to college.

That kind of stuff

But this fairly small town of
thirteen thousand is
not at all like that.
The mega-mansions
that cling to the hillsides
and the “my wife designed
this joint” palaces that
cast a dark shadow over
the cringing ocean,
are as atrocious as the
five dead gas stations,
the Lincoln Boulevard
strip malls that dot its
Main street, main drag strip,
main eyesore, main pain.
It’s called……
The Pacific Coast Highway,
or PCH, or as the locals say:
The Highway.

This is… MALIBU
Gated, guarded,
gonzofied home
of Movie icons,
real estaters and invested,
secretive tycoonsters.

And then there are

the really local locals.
Pick-up trucks
and Priuses
They all want to save
And they’ve got the
bumper stickers
to prove it.

Save the Lagoon
Save Third Point
Don’t Cross Creek Trancas
Don’t Trancas Cross Creek
Save The Bones
For Henry Jones
‘Cause Henry Don’t
Eat No Meat
Save the Savers
Legalize Pot
Save the World

Strange town…strange.
Chuck full of really rich people,
really rich institutions
of higher learning
and yet the little town
of Malibu is flat out
out-ta money, but spends
mucho moola on things like
a hundred yards of
Highway Divider Beautification,
which soon becomes
The Divider of Weeds.

New bumper sticker:
Save Malibu From Itself

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