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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Opening of Malibu Hardware and Masonry Creates Major Buzz

• Now on Cross Creek Road: Tools, Fasteners, Paint, Lumber, and Nursery/Garden Center


What have Malibuites been asking for the most during the last two years?
The wait is over.
Malibu now has a new hardware, lumber and masonry store that opened this week at its Cross Creek location.
Called Malibu Hardware and Masonry Supply, the store is the accomplishment of longtime Malibuite Dave Anawalt, well known for his family-run business of Anawalt Lumber in Los Angeles.
“This is our fourth location,” said Anawalt, who has tried more than once to bring a hardware store to Malibu.
Anawalt, who took over the old Malibu Masonry location at 3730 Cross Creek Road, emphasized he wanted to open a full service hardware store just like his other Anawalt locations.
“It has the best items of all of our departments,” added Anawalt, who pointed to the surfboard collection that hangs from the rafters of the building.
The fourth-generation hardware store owner, whose family moved to Point Dume in the 1950s, said there is 3500 square feet of indoor floor space. “We are [also] taking over the masonry yard,” he said.
Anawalt emphasized that the city has been supportive of his efforts. He ticked off a list of names of people who helped out, such as Planning Director Joyce Parker-Bozylinski and building official Craig George.
All hardware store de-partments are represented from paints, indoor and outdoor plants, tools, lighting, garden supplies, plumbing, automotive, tools and anything else one would expect when going to an Anawalt Hardware store.
There is even a screwdriver with Dick Van Dyke’s name on it. Anawalt said he wanted to extend a personal invitation to the entertainer, who has written several times to the Malibu Surfside News lamenting that there was no longer a hardware store in Malibu and he could no longer find a place to buy a screwdriver.
The storeowner showed off the outdoor area where there will be cement, sand and gravel.
“We have some lumber currently. We have lots of redwood,” he said.
Pointing to a protected area with an overhang, he said, “We will have kiln-dried lumber by the end of the week,” he added. “We are starting out as a garden center with lumber and masonry.”
Back areas contained dry wall. There was molding, piping and flashing.
Anawalt explained he has been trying to get a lumber store located in Malibu ever since the Malibu Lumberyard—the real thing—closed several years ago.
When asked about the family business, Anawalt said his great-grandfather moved from the Midwest to Montrose, California in 1921. “He was into building materials from his days in the Midwest,” he said. “Grandfather went to work for him when he got sick.”
The grandfather moved to Pico and Sepulveda in West Los Angeles, a bean field at the time, and the location of the current West Los Angeles store. Anawalt said he owns stores in West Hollywood and also in Hollywood. There are also two other Anawalt stores but cousins or distant relatives own them.
Anawalt talked about how his father was a surfer and bought property on Point Dume overlooking his favorite break. “That is where I live,” he said, noting he too has done his share of surfing, hence the surfboard collection at the store.
Anawalt explained that to make things more “local,” many of the surfboards have some connection to Malibu. “Remember Natural Progression? That was Terry Lucoff’s place. There is one of his boards here that he shaped,” Anawalt said. He mentioned that almost all of his dad’s boards have the letter “A” written on them.
The current Anawalt residence has been featured in many architectural books on beachfront living. The home is surrounded by an exotic collection of palms, which is a hobby of Anawalt’s. “They call me the palm nut,” he added, saying there is a tropical palm that generates red-leaved fronds that he hopes to sell in the store.
The store is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is open on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The store is closed on Sunday. The telephone number is 310-456-2772. The website is

WELCOME—Hardware store owner Dave Anawalt stands next to General Manager Hector Ramirez, holding a set of screwdrivers. “Come on in Dick [Van Dyke] I have a screwdriver for you,” Anawalt says.

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