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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Two Council Candidates Forums Tackle Wide Array of Issues

• MoHo Residents Air Specific Concerns


As is almost always the case, mobile home residents at the Paradise Cove candidates forum held last week sought a promise from each of the council hopefuls that they would protect rent control in the parks and would also oppose Assembly Bill 317.
The proposed legislation is described as a measure that could adversely affect residents of Malibu’s two mobile home parks.
Each of the candidates promises to do so were somewhat eclipsed by incumbent Councilmember John Sibert, who is seeking to retain his seat, when he announced he had placed the matter on the city council’s agenda for this week. The council unanimously agreed to oppose the measure at its meeting this week (see story on page 17).
By now the candidates are settling into a routine on the campaign trail. They were “performing” at the apparently last scheduled forum.
They have distinguished themselves from one another by their campaign platforms and talking points on the issues.
Hamish Patterson and Andy Lyon were the loud and funny guys, who blasted City Hall for sitting on its hands, cavorting with developers and being part of the bureaucracy of the acronymic agencies, The SMBRC, the CCC, the RWQCB and other state and federal agencies, the outsiders who were taking over Malibu.
Skylar Peak, apparently with the help of consultants, took on the demeanor of the middle-of-the-road guy who sometimes wore a suit coat and tie, appeared clean-cut and reasonable and stressed his credentials as a locals’ local. “I am the only one here, who went to all of the Malibu local schools,” he said, including a stint at Pepperdine University.
Sibert, who has the most current track record, and longtime office-holder Joan House easily became the targets because of a track record, a propensity for defending the current council and previous sitting councils and the status quo. They seemed sometimes taken aback by the comments, but almost always had a handful of facts to counter claims.
Missy Zeitsoff, though a former office holder, seemed to find herself more in league with newcomers to the political scene, Lyon and Patterson, agreeing with their assertions and often siding with their positions on the issues.
Hans Laetz could be described as the policy wonk of the candidates. He described his platforms, position papers and white papers, which were available for review on his website.
As a journalist, he knows about sound bytes for public consumption, and it will be up to the voter to decide if they share his approach to the issues.

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