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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

‘Vision’ Group Plans 2012 Update of Last Report

• Elective Questionnaire Expected to Provide Local Insight

What is known as the Malibu Coastal Vision project appears to drift in and out of community awareness when the City of Malibu allocates additional funding for it or a report is being prepared.
The project, now under the direction of the Calabasas-based CivicCenter Group consulting firm, is preparing to send an optional questionnaire to city residents to gather input on their views about the future of the 21-mile-long coastal community.
MCV is calling its mailing a survey but acknowledges that it is not a statistically valid random sampling of local public opinion. However, the group says it intends to use the voluntary replies as the basis for a 2012 update to the report “Malibu: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” that was published in 2008.
According to the group’s announcement, “The update will provide a collaborative community profile and framework document to help in stewarding Malibu’s assets and natural resources as well as managing inevitable change.”
MCV has not yet detailed how geographic and demographic balance is going to be achieved with an elective questionnaire.
When Malibu Coastal Vision began in 2005, its first efforts generated local controversy as some residents challenged its lack of public meetings and transparency. Others said they perceived an orientation toward the more suburban/ urban segment of the community at the eastern end.
However, the project always has had proponents on the Malibu City Council.
According to MCV, in August 2011, the council voted unanimously to approve and fund an update of the “community profile” with 2010 Census data and the questionnaire responses that are received.

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