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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Closed-Door Meetings Held

• Baykeeper Lawsuit Is Discussed

The city council attended a hastily called special meeting on Tuesday afternoon when the council discussed in closed session about the Baykeeper lawsuit on clean water and two potential tenants for its building on the corner of Webb Way and Pacific Coast Highway.
The official word after the meeting was “No reportable action was taken.”
However, another closed door session is scheduled for Friday morning at 10:15 a.m.
The private conference with legal counsel has to do with the existing litigation officially known as Natural Resources Defense Council and the Santa Monica Baykeeper v. City of Malibu.
It is possible, but unconfirmed that the city and the two environmental organizations reached a settlement, though given the war chest the city has set aside for the litigation it might be about the entities taking the case to court.
The NRDC and the Baykeeper have alleged the city violated the federal clean water act on numerous occasions and should be fined for the various alleged acts.
The other matter being heard by the council behind closed doors is real estate negotiations between city officials and Malibu Medical Corporation about the leasing space available in the city-owned building.
The main portion of the building is currently occupied by a drugstore.
Thomas Park, has reportedly also been negotiating with municipal officials.
The remaining space in the building has remained vacant for quite awhile and the city even advertised in the Hollywood Reporter in an effort to snag a tenant.

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