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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Peak Leads Pack with Contributions

• Non-Traditional Candidates Honor ‘Zero Vow’

                      BY BILL KOENEKER

Council hopeful Skylar Peak has collected a whopping $29,905 in campaign contributions, according to his campaign disclosure statements.
He collected $13,930 in the reporting period from Feb. 25 to March 24.
By contrast and true to their word, three of the city council candidates, Hamish Patterson, Andy Lyon and Missy Zeitsoff, took no money from contributors for the reporting dates as shown on their campaign finance statements for the reporting period covering Feb. 25, 2012 to March 24, 2012. Nor had they taken any contributions from the previous reporting period.
As per their campaign promises both Lyon and Patterson reported nothing but zeroes for contributions received and expenditures made.
Zeitsoff, who had also made a campaign promise to take no contributions kept her word and took in no money, but spent $992, which is under the reporting threshold of $1000. Most of her expenditures went to local print advertising and Malibu Patch.
Council hopeful Hans Laetz collected $300 from contributors and loaned himself $2500.
Seasoned politicians played the traditional game, collecting money from as many donors as possible.
Joan House, a three-term council member, collected a total of $13,746, including $6446 during the most recent reporting period.
House’s expenditures totaled $10,683 for the entire reporting periods. She spent $7,968 during the most recent filing requirement dates.
Councilmember John Sibert collected a total of $15,870, including $5120 during this reporting period. He has spent $10,382.
Peak, with Laurie Principe as treasurer, picked up contributors who are notable names in the entertainment industry including studio head Ron Meyer and environmental activist wife Kelly Chapman Meyer, model and restaurateur team Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, actor Gerard Butler, musician Herb Alpert, actor John Stockwell, television producer Colleen Bell, talent agency owner Richard Lawrence, actress Danneel Harris, actor Jensen Ackles and television producer Dennis Principe.
Other easily recognized names from the community who are contributors to the Peak campaign are John Mazza, Regan Schaar, Barry Hilton, Barry Tyerman, Richard Carrigan, Richard and Shawn Sperber, Dan Hillman, Gary Wilcox, Jack Skene, Bob Rubenstein and Scott Hubbell.
Many of Sibert’s contributors consist of the longtime residents, who tend to be retired.
The list includes Michael and Barbara Barsocchini, Jackie Bridgeman, John and Kay Corrodi, Councilmember Lou La Monte, Anne Payne, Winifred Rutter, Burdge Offer, Griff Snyder, Helene Eisenberg, Georginana Mc Burney, Ron Merriman, Dennis Seider, Laureen Sills, Sharon Gee, Ken House, former councilmember Ken Kearsley and his wife Barbara and Richard Scott.
House has many of the same names as Sibert. Other House campaign supporters listed for this reporting period include Dave Anawalt, David and Pamela Conley Ulich.
House also had some contributors from the entertainment industry, including actor Ryan O’Neal, and director and writer Joseph Sargent.

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