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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Workshops Opportunity for City to Receive Bike Route Project Input


The City of Malibu held two public workshops on the Pacific Coast Highway Bike Route Improvements Project this week, the first on Saturday, the second on Wednesday night as part of the regular Public Safety Commission meeting.
The goal was to “provide information about the project and garner public input,” according to a press release.
“In order to provide the best opportunity for community attendance, two workshops were scheduled.
The press release states that the city seeks “to improve safety for all modes of traffic (bicycle, auto and pedestrian), the project proposes a variety of improvements such as signage, striping, intersection improvements, minor grading and overlay work to widen the shoulder in some areas.
The PCH Bike Route Improvements Project is funded primarily through a grant from the Caltrans Highway Safety Improvement Program with a contribution from the City’s general funds.
The route was initially designed to extend from the city limits only as far as Trancas Canyon. Current plans call for the route to extend to Busch Drive.
In spring 2010, the City was notified that the PCH Bike Route Improvements Project was awarded the maximum allocation of $900,000.
The improvements “will likely include signage, striping, intersection improvements, minor grading and overlay work to widen the shoulder in some sections.”
Project proponents stress that a route is not the same thing as a bike path, and that no drastic changes are part of the project.
When the project was originally announced, there were some calls for the funds to be reallocated to other projects.
Cycling proponents, including Public Safety Commission member Chris Frost, argued that PCH is already a cycling destination and that the grant was an opportunity to improve safety.
The city entered into a contract with Willdan Engineering for the design of the Project and the Notice to Proceed was issued in November 2011.
According to a staff report, “Willdan Engineering has researched historical traffic data, collected data on the existing field conditions, conducted traffic studies and researched Caltrans design standards.”

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