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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Mayor’s State of the City Address Highlights Feats

• Says City Hall Setup Is Easier for  Seniors


Mayor Laura Rosenthal delivered her state of the city address, the free version, at City Hall last week before the council convened for its budget workshop.
Rosenthal prefaced her address by saying a number of people had talked about her giving the report at an event where the audience paid to attend and said she had planned to give the address, a free one, at a city council meeting.
“I’m sorry not all of Malibu is here or even a small part of Malibu,” Rosenthal said, referring to the sparse turnout for the address and budget workshop.
The mayor started her power point presentation by noting how the city has an AA plus rating, a balanced budget, a diversification of revenue and the many municipal capital projects completed this past year.
Rosenthal recited a laundry list of the goals completed by each of the departments.
She said the planning department had completed the master trails map, was near finished on the updated housing element, had produced the cultural arts report, had successfully tackled the view protection ordinance, and completed a Civic Center inventory.
The parks and recreation department had put on several successful concert performances, produced the popular Chumash Day, continued its adult softball program, and held another Easter Hoppening including adults and children.
The mayor also listed programs such as the battle of the bands, the city song contest, numerous camps and programs, and youth sports programs that took place during the past year.
The public works department has been working on Kanan Dume improvements, helping design plans for the Kanan arrestor bed, starting on the Wildlife Road water quality project, finished building improvements on the Morning View and Pacific Coast Highway bus stop and helped in the completion of City Hall.
Rosenthal defended the design of City Hall, whose critics complain public spaces and other amenities are not in the most favorable locations.
“People have talked about how and why it was configured. Right now it serves us the best as City Hall,” she said.
The mayor noted the location of the community room “down here [on the first floor] is best where it is.”
City officials, according to Rosenthal, did not add bathrooms and if the public rooms were upstairs it would present some problems for seniors and others.
Another list of achievements undertaken during the past year, according to Rosenthal, included Day without a Bag, Earth Day events, a smart garden demo, and various recycling programs.
The mayor also cited city council actions such as the position taken on Malibu Lagoon, opposition to AB 317, the proposed state legislation that is described as an attempt to weaken rent control, and settlement of the Natural Resource Defense Council and Santa Monica Baykeeper litigation.
Rosenthal said the municipality started during the past year with its new city internship program, hired a media information officer, began its cultural arts program and started its Volunteers on Patrol program and completed the renovation of the library.           
Looking towards the future, the mayor said the city is working on: a diversification ordinance, various projects in the pipeline, the continued progress of the plans for a satellite college campus and building a temporary and then permanent skate park, street paving, rain water harvesting and emergency services.

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