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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SMC Satellite Campus EIR Scoping Session Planned

• Project Calls for Demolition of Old Sheriff’s Station and Construction of New Campus Complex


The Santa Monica Community College District, the lead agency on the planned satellite campus in Malibu is conducting an Environmental Impact Report scoping session for the construction of a SMC satellite campus on May 31 from 6 to 7 p.m. at Malibu City Hall in the multi-purpose room.
The scoping meeting and the entire Environmental Impact Report process is being overseen by Parker Environmental Consultants.
The proposal consists of about 128,000 square-feet (2.94 acres) irregularly shaped ground lease area within the larger 9.18-acre Los Angeles County-owned and operated Civic Center complex, according to SMC documents.
The site is the former Los Angeles County Sheriff's Station, which was decommissioned in the early 1990s. The existing building includes approximately 23,882 square feet of developed floor area.
SMC is proposing demolishing the existing building and the construction of a new two-story, 27,500-square-foot educational facility including approximately 5700-square-foot community sheriff's substation and emergency operations and planning center.
There would be a net increase of 3618 square feet compared to the size of the old building, according to SMC officials.
The school campus will include five classrooms and labs, a multi-purpose community room that will convert into a emergency operations center for local emergencies, a computer lab, administrative offices to accommodate up to 210 students (full-time equivalent) and 12 faculty and staff members during peak time periods, according to a project description prepared by the consultant.
Other features of the school include an interpretive center to support Legacy Park “or other programs to highlight Malibu’s coastal environment and cultural history.”
The project plans to connect to the On-Site Wastewater Treatment System currently serving the Los Angeles County Civic Center complex, including the existing sheriff's station building, on an interim basis subject to verification that the new development will not exceed the current wastewater flows of capacity of the existing OWTS.
“The project proposes to connect to the City of Malibu's planned wastewater treatment facility for the Civic Center Area when it becomes operational,” the EIR notice states.
While most folks, who are interested in all of the sudden building plans slated for the Civic Center, were bracing for three projects and the requisite EIR scoping sessions and subsequent EIR process involving projects in the Civic Center area-Whole Foods in the Park, Rancho Malibu Hotel, and the so-called Crummer site subdivision, it came as somewhat of a surprise that a fourth Civic Center project was ready for the EIR scoping session.
It had been planned at around the same time as the fourth project, with little forewarning or notice until recently.
On the other three EIRs, the lead agency is the City of Malibu. Two of those scoping sessions were held in the last couple of weeks for the Rancho Malibu hotel and the Whole Foods in the Park Some critics contend there should be some kind of cumulative impacts master plan to assess just how all of the projects put together will impact one small area of Malibu.
Of most concern to many are the impacts when the traffic is generated by all of these four projects plus those approved and not yet built such as La Paz and the Pepperdine expansion.
How will the water district provide all of the potable water needed when currently it is turning down individual homebuilders?
How will there be adequate parking, especially on weekend summer beach days, when currently parking is difficult or impossible as experienced by many this past holiday weekend even after the city added the additional parking spaces for Legacy Park now used by beachgoers?

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