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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Crummer EIR Scope Session Draws Crowd

• Questions Are Raised about Site Adjacent to Malibu Bluffs Park


An Environmental Impact Report scoping meeting for the so-called Crummer site subdivision took place recently at Malibu City Hall.
The Crummer site, named for a former owner of the property, is located on the bluffs near Bluffs Park where story poles have been located for some time.
The poles are utilized to show the mass of the five houses planned for the site and the height of the two-story structures on the ridgeline, which is visible from many areas of the Civic Center and Pacific Coast Highway.
Almost 100 people were in attendance to hear about the project and comment.
Voices were heard from the Malibu Country Estates and Malibu Knolls from individuals who said the cluster of residential buildings would severely impact their view sheds.
Malibu Road property owner Joan Lavine, in written comments, indicated the story poles are visible from her home “affecting the ridgeline of the Malibu Bluffs.”
Malibu Knolls resident Steve Uhring, as he has at the other EIR scoping sessions, emphasized the important of accurate and current traffic counts.
Some audience members appeared taken aback when the EIR consultant seemed surprised that summer beach counts could vary tremendously from traffic counts the rest of the year.
Lavine, in her written comments, also indicated that after looking over the geotechnical report, the report shows three fault lines.
“I remember that a proposed GM facility was cancelled due to these fault lines and potential for catastrophic failure in a earthquake,” she added.
The project applicant Robert Gold wants to subdivide the 24-acre property into seven individual parcels for the development of five new single-family homes and accessory structures on the property located adjacent to the city-owned Bluffs Park.
Plans call for a new private, gated road with a guardhouse and dedication of approximately 1.74 acres of land to the City of Malibu for active and passive recreational use.
Much like every other meeting, traffic congestion because of all of the other projects being considered at the same time were utmost on everyone’s mind.
“Specifically, I ask that the scoping and EIR consider the impact of up to 220 SMC students and faculty…the proposed [Whole Foods Market]…Perhaps several hundreds of people a day added from a hotel at PCH, Pepperdine’s construction of a game forum across from the Crummer site. Gridlock on PCH most of the day appears to be a likely outcome. It is not only unpleasant. It may prevent safe evacuation from the local area in an emergency and is responsible for more traffic accidents,” Lavine concluded.
Lots one through five would be developed with single-family residences and various accessory structures.
Each residence would be two-stories high with a maximum height of 28 feet and would include a basement, attached garage, swimming pool and spa.
Lot five would be developed with a private gated street, a gatehouse, an onsite wastewater treatment system, landscaping and open space to be owned and maintained by the homeowners association.
According to planners, the OWTS will be designed with a stub-out box to allow for possible connection to a municipal wastewater treatment in the Civic Center area in the future.
New water service will be provided to the project site by the Los Angeles County Waterworks District 29 by way of a new 10-inch water line running approximately 3200 linear feet from the intersection of John Tyler and to Malibu Canyon Road connecting to the project site at the northwestern corner of Lot 6, according to a public notice.
The project includes the dedication of land to the city to expand Malibu Bluffs Park by the 1.74 acres to the east and northeast. The recreation component has yet to be designed and would not be developed as part of the housing subdivision, according to city officials.
Currently, municipal plans call for using the site for a parking lot for the temporary skate park. The developer and the city have signed an agreement.
For purposes of the EIR, the notice indicates several foreseeable alternative uses for the recreational area will be evaluated as part of the EIR.
The recreational area, as an example, could be used as a baseball or soccer field and a portion of Lot 7 could also be developed with a parking lot resulting in 50 new parking spaces for Bluffs Park, a city-owned maintenance shed and passive recreation uses such as public sitting area and picnic tables.

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