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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Malibu High School Principal Leaves for Districtwide Position


Malibu High School principal Mark Kelly will not be returning to the post in the fall. He announced on June 7 that he has been selected to take over as the Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District’s director of student services.
Kelly was appointed the principal of Malibu Middle/High School in 2004. He previously served as assistant principal and co-principal at Santa Monica High School, taught educational leadership courses at UCLA and Cal State Northridge, facilitated curriculum workshops at the Los Angeles Systemic Initiative, and taught math at North Hollywood High School, Richard E. Byrd Junior High School, and Francisco Sepulveda Junior High School, a district press release states.
“As principal, he planned and facilitated professional development for teachers to ensure alignment with state standards; led staff, parents, and the community in a facilities modernization project; guided the campus through a WASC self-study and mid-term visit; and managed all dimensions of school life, including instruction, campus operations and budget, master scheduling, staffing, partnerships, and community relations.  Dr. Kelly also promoted the development of student leadership through the many student organizations on campus and provided students with a variety of academic experiences during their high school years.”
Kelly was principal during a number of headline-grabbing events that included the mysterious disappearance—and reappearance of dozens of newly planted palm trees, the brief firestorm of controversy surrounding a “reality” TV show that sought to use the campus as a setting, the prolonged battle over the athletic field lights, a damaging electrical fire, and a recent bomb scare.
“Serving as principal of Malibu High School has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my career, as well as one of the most humbling,” Kelly wrote in an open letter to the school community.
“It is the right time for me to leave and to accept this new responsibility. I am confidant that a highly qualified principal will be hired who, with your support, will thrive.
“My greatest joy came from standing back, pausing, watching, listening and embracing the dynamic life of school,” Kelly wrote. “These are the times that made me smile and the moments that filled my heart.”
Longtime Juan Cabrillo Elementary School Principal Barry Yates will also  be leaving at the end of June. Yates is retiring after more than 40 years at the school.

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