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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Another Civic Center Commercial Project Begins Application Process

• Plans Unveiled for What Is Known as Ioki Property


Malibu Bay Company plans for Malibu Sycamore Village on its so-called Ioki site, a vacant lot located on the northeast corner of the intersection of Stuart Ranch Road and Civic Center Way, have been unveiled.
The applications, which were recently submitted to the city, describe two scenarios consisting of separate plans.
One application consists of a larger scale version of a .20 Floor Area Ratio and about 76,000 square feet of retail, office and restaurant space.
Plans call for 380 parking spaces in the back and on the eastern side of the subject property. There are a series of interconnected buildings consisting of 20 separate spaces in a two-story configuration.
To get the bonus density of a .20 FAR, the applicant is submitting plans for a public benefit—an urgent care facility of 5000 square feet, according to the city’s planner Joseph Smith.
The second application, which will be submitted at the same time, is a .15 FAR consisting of a 60,000 square feet of developed space with 300 parking spaces and the same mix of retail, office and restaurant.
Plans call for 19 distinct commercial spaces, less the urgent care facility, in the same two-story configuration of buildings, according to Smith.
The project, designed by Ed Niles, would also include a children’s playground, covered public exhibition space and market place, according to MBC.
Almost 70 percent of the buildings will be 24 feet high or lower.
The majority of grading is for geotechnical, fire department access and flood control purposes, according to MBC.
The open space along Civic Center Way facing Legacy Park would feature a pond, trees, gardens and bridges.
West along Stuart Ranch Road, the project provides 800 linear feet of landscaping and drop-off points for buses and private vehicles.
The architecture is described as one of wood, glass, stone and metal in pewter and rust tones.
One of the key design elements, according to the Malibu Bay Company plans, is a large pond located in the front of the project at Civic Center Drive.

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