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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Malibu City Council Member’s Recent Behavior Is Subject of LASD Investigation

• April’s Top Vote-Getter Undergoes Medical Evaluation


Allegations of brandishing a weapon in a threatening manner, vandalism and erratic behavior by Malibu City Councilmember Skylar Peak are currently under investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, according to Capt. Joe Stephen, the commander of the Lost Hills Station.
The allegations stem from an incident that occurred at the Point Dume Village shopping center parking lot on Wednesday, July 11, at about 9:45 p.m. Several witnesses, who include security guards on duty at the center, allege that Peak, garbed in what they describe as a “Speedo” swimsuit, was running around the parking lot, screaming, knocking over shopping carts, and wielding half of a pair of scissors as a knife.
Shawn Nowrooz, the CEO of State Organizations, Inc., the firm that provides security to Point Dume Village, told the Malibu Surfside News this week that Peak “tried to stab one of the guards.” Nowrooz said the center’s guards were concerned for their safety and the safety of the patrons.
Capt. Stephen indicated Lost Hills deputies were called to the scene. He confirmed the witness reports about Peak’s attire and actions, and added, “The witnesses are credible.”
Deputies then spoke with Peak who reportedly had returned to his Point Dume residence. Stephen said Peak “was not booked, but was taken to a hospital for evaluation.” Stephen said the federal HIPAA Privacy Rule precludes providing medical information, indicating, “Peak is a suspect in an ongoing investigation. I cannot say more than that at this time.”
When reached by The News on Tuesday, Peak said, “I was on a workout…running barefoot in a swimsuit and ran through the [parking lot].” He noted that he had a pair of detachable scissors in his waistband.
Peak added, “As I was running, I clipped my foot on a chair and cut it and yelled out.” He said he then ran up to Dume Drive and, there, the council member contends, “I was punched in the chest twice by a security guard and my rights were violated.”
Peak counterclaims, “I was assaulted. I’m going to Lost Hills this week to press charges.”
Peak confirmed that he was transported to Del Amo Hospital in Torrance for a behavioral health evaluation. He said he spent “five days [at Del Amo] and was released.” Peak said he now is “at home, working, and everything is back to normal.”
Peak, 28, is the youngest person ever elected to a Malibu City Council seat. He was the top vote-getter in the recent April election. The affable electrician-music promoter-surfer is a popular and colorful figure whose concerns about Malibu’s ostensible transformation into a cookie-cutter beach town, replete with all the trappings of suburbia, have won him a large and supportive following.
However, Peak is no stranger to headlines since a June 2008 paparazzi-surfer brawl at Little Dume Beach became a media maelstrom that ricocheted around the world.
Two years later, when a hung jury resulted in no action against Peak for his role in the physical altercation, a fellow surfer said the episode was “one more notch in [Peak’s] bad-boy belt.”

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