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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Access to the Beach at the Lagoon Site Redirected


According to a press release issued by State Parks Angeles District Superintendent Craig Sap, beginning on Monday, Aug. 13, public beach access at the Malibu Lagoon construction site will be relocated “to accommodate the continued restoration of the lagoon.”
“The temporary access route will begin at the southeast end of the existing parking lot closest to Pacific Coast Highway and continue parallel to Pacific Coast Highway and then turning [sic] north toward the beach where it runs parallel to the main channel of Malibu Lagoon across the temporary dike toward the ocean,” the press release states. “This fenced access terminates at the beach.”
“We appreciate the continued patience of our beach visitors and the neighbors of the surrounding area as we work to restore this lagoon to a healthier state.” Sap did not respond to requests for clarification on the new route’s accessibility for disabled visitors before the Malibu Surfside News went to press on Tuesday.
Previously, State Parks representatives indicated special accommodations for disabled visitors would vary depending on what type of equipment would be in use on any given day. Visitors with questions about this phase of the lagoon project can contact Sap directly at 818-880-0396.

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