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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

City Restarts RFP Process for Municipal Stakepark Design

• Process Will Involve Local Boarders


Municipal officials recently announced they have issued a Request for Proposals for professional design services for a new skatepark facility at Malibu Bluffs Park.
According to a press release, the goals of the skatepark project are to create a design that provides an experience for all levels of skaters, utilizing current design elements.
The consultant must appropriately consider the existing site conditions of the park and its surroundings in order to maximize the use of the area.
The city council had already been asked to approve a consultant chosen by the staff, but boarders and parents complained they have been given no opportunity to give their input into the consultant selection process and urged the council to scrap the chosen consultant and issue another RFP.
City Manager Jim Thorsen told the council at its meeting last week, the RFP was sent out to 23 vendors. The council has allocated $40,000 for the consulting contract.
The press release states the selected consultant will work with city staff, skatepark committee members, the local skate community and other members of the public. The plan will ultimately require the approval of the city council. The deadline for submitting proposals is September 6.
Thorsen has said it may take up to two years to build a new skatepark.
Meanwhile, the temporary skatepark is being held up by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy’s claims that the configuration the city has chosen did not take into consideration the deed and use restrictions of the Conservancy, which once owned the property and sold it to the city in a complicated land sale and transfer that involved the state lands of the Bluffs Park.

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