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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Eclectic New Book Store Invites Malibuites to Sample Delights


For the first time in its history, Point Dume is home to a full service bookstore—one that offers an enticing combination of old and new.
Bank of Books, located in the Point Dume Village, 29169 Heathercliff Road, Suite 109, currently holds an estimated 60,000 books—brand new, used, and rare and collectable.
The bookshop shares the corner suite with Cafecito Organico, an artisan coffee house the features hand roasted, single-sourced coffee. Together, the two businesses offer a  serene and inviting retreat.
“The response has been overwhelming,” Bank of Books store owner Clarey Rudd told the Malibu Surfside News.
Future plans include poetry groups, readings, coffee house acoustic music nights, book signings and more, but when The News visited for a tour of the shop the focus was on staff and inventory.
“I have a dream team,” Rudd said.“The staff are all part of the community. They are neighbors.”
They are also passionate readers who will be able to help patrons find the right book, Rudd adds.
Rudd and his family have had many years of experience running successful bookstores. The Rudd family owns the original Bank of Books in Ventura, as well as the Abednego Bookstore and a number of other Ventura shops.
“We have an inventory of around two million books,” Rudd said.
“There is a good chance that if you are looking for a book, we have it in our database.”
The Malibu store is currently home to Rudd’s 1613 King James Bible, in addition to a number of other collectable and rare volumes that are on display in glass cases.
Across the aisle, $3 paperbacks rub elbows with early 20th century novels and non fiction, which are arranged by decades. Prices range from a few dollars to $30 for most of the books in the section.
Contemporary fiction and non fiction occupy the center of the store, while a cozy children’s corner offers brand new picture books and young adult fiction but also a selection of vintage classics.
library ladders provide a classic touch. “We don’t need them yet,” Rudd said, “but we had to have ladders.”
“We put travel and history together,” Rudd said. “Traveling to Spain? Get a guidebook and why not buy a history?”
Rudd grew up in the book business. “When I was two years old, my folks started a bookstore. By the time I was in junior high school I knew that was what I wanted to do, too. I’ve put together 20 locations over the years.”
Rudd explained that he was approached by Zan Marquis, the owner of the Point Dume Village.
“He said, ‘Have you ever thought of Malibu?’” Rudd said. “I visited with him, saw this space and could see the store.”
“I am extremely pleased and so, so thankful,” Rudd said.
Bank of Books is open  Monday - Saturday 9:30 a.m. - 7 p.m, and  Sunday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. FI: 310-457-5699.

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