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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rare and Endangered Flowers Found at Proposed Residential Development

• City Officials Call for Public and Agency Review of Plans That Call for Mitigated Negative Declaration and Conditions


A single-family home planned for the slopes below Charmlee Park are getting extra scrutiny by city planners after rare plants were found on the site.
The property is located on Noranda Lane where an applicant wants to build a 5,236-square-foot, two-story home with an attached 893-square-foot garage and 643-square-foot second residential unit.
Municipal planners issued a notice of intent to adopt a mitigated negative declaration for the residence and associated development also given that the applicant is seeking a variance for construction in an Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Area
“The required fuel modification is expected to impact approximately 1.5 acres on the subject parcel and 1.48 acres on an adjoining parcel of ESHA,” a public notice states.
“The proposed project requires the removal of two oak trees and encroachment into the protected zone of 18 oak trees. The oak trees to be removed are located within the paved portion of the proposed driveway improvements and within the five-foot- wide fire department pedestrian access around the proposed residence,” the notice goes on to state.
Two types of special status plant species (Plummer's mariposa lily [Calochortus plummerae] and Santa Susana tarplant were found on the subject parcel, according to city planners.
The mariposa lily is located within the proposed building pad and the tarplant is located northeast of the subject parcel but within the fuel modification area.
“The applicant’s biologist recommends the relocation and propagation of the lily on the subject parcel outside of any fuel modification and an alternative fuel modification plan to avoid any adverse impacts to the tarplant,” the notice states.
The review period for public and agency comment begins on Aug. 30 and ends Sept. 28.
The purpose of the review, according to planners, is to allow public agencies and interested members of the public the opportunity to share expertise, disclose agency analysis, check for accuracy, detect omissions, discover public concerns and solicit counter proposals
At this time a hearing date before the planning commission has not been scheduled.

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