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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More Lights Proposed for West Malibu Area

• Trancas Shopping Center Seeks More Poles and Fixtures


Another “dark” corner western  Malibu  may be lit up if the owners of the Trancas Country Market shopping center get their way.
The Malibu Planning Commission is scheduled to hear a request from Scott Rozier for changes to the previously approved lighting plan to allow the addition of 43 pole-mounted lights that vary in height from 12 to 20 feet located throughout the parking lot and pedestrian areas, as well as other site lighting and building mounted lighting, according to a public notice issued by the city’s planning department.
The commission is scheduled to hear the request on Monday, Oct 1.
The shopping center is currently under construction and this is the second set of changes, or amendments, to the coastal permit that have been requested.
A banner across the former grocery store announces that Erewhon Market will be coming to take over the space that was formerly occupied by HOWS.
Night lighting has become an issue, especially in  Malibu Park, because of lights sought by the high school for ball fields and a new proposed parking lot.
The planning commission turned down night lighting for the planned 150-car parking lot.
Even more controversial are the night lights planned for the football field at the high school at nearly the opposite end of Malibu Park.
The agenda item was not heard by the planning commission, but was approved by the city council.
Critics of the night lighting plans point out that the requested lighting, especially more so cumulatively, would result in significant impacts to the night sky that cannot be fully mitigated.
In a somewhat unusual action, the findings and resolution for the commission’s denial of lights for the 150-sapce parking lot, which would usually be formally voted upon by the commission at the subsequent meeting, have been delayed until the Oct. 1 meeting.
Some observers expect the matter may be pulled when school district officials can argue the findings.
At the same time, the school district and the city were sued for approving the lights and Mayor Lou La Monte last week let slip out there are settlement talks currently underway with some council members in attendance.

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