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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Resident Commences Permit Process for View Site Corridor

• Convoluted Exchange Package Finalized


With the final hurdle cleared for Hard Rock Cafe entrepreneur Peter Morton, after the California Coastal Commission gave approval to a complicated exchange that allows Morton to avoid the requirement that 20 percent of the width of his Carbon Beach estate’s site be maintained as a view corridor with a modified requirement, Morton agreed to substitute a dedication in fee of an off-site view corridor parcel that is at least 25 percent wider and to make a $1 million contribution to the City of Malibu toward the development of Legacy Park.
Morton and his attorneys and agents are scheduled to go before the Malibu Planning Commission on Oct. 15 to seek coastal and demolition permits to tear down an existing single-family home and abandon the septic system to create a 60-foot wide offsite public view corridor that will be enclosed by a six-foot high visually permeable fence. The parcel will serve as an offsite view corridor for property located at Big Rock Beach.
The Coastal Commission retains final jurisdiction over the permit, though the city is involved in the permitting process.
Morton purchased a home along Big Rock Beach next to a public view corridor, and is required to tear down the house to add further to the existing view corridor.
Morton’s attempt to build a beachfront mansion on Carbon Beach has a long and ongoing history, even after the state coastal panel issued a development permit in 2001.
The mansion kept getting bigger and, by 2004, more numerous special conditions were imposed, including the creation of an onsite public view corridor equal to 20 percent of the width of the property frontage along PCH.                                                                                                                                                  
The view corridor requirements imposed by the commission never were acted upon and privacy walls and landscaping exceeded city and commission regulations.
A suitable lot was found next to another view corridor site on Big Rock Beach. The deal was then approved by the city council at the end of 2011.

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