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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Two Food Establishments Are Latest Changes Slated for Malibu Business Scene

• ‘Italian’ Fare Continues to Dominate Local Dining Options


Business changes are inevitable in a social climate where change has become the new norm. 
Malibu residents have just been informed that two longtime restaurants with predominantly Italian-style fare—the mainstay cuisine of local dining establishments—are going to close.
Point Pizza in Point Dume Village is shutting its doors at the end of the year. A spokesperson for newly revamped west Malibu center said the pizza eatery’s lease expires Dec. 31, 2012, and D’Amore’s Famous Pizza will move into the space a matter of months afterward.
The spokesperson noted that D’Amore’s was selected to move into the spot when Point Pizza’s lease expires because the center ownership decided it offers a better pizza after the center conducted several different tasting tests.
D’Amore’s also pledges to use all organic and natural products and ingredients, she added.
PDV owner Zan Marquis is out of the country and was unavailable for comment, but he has previously indicated he wants to make changes in the center that reflect the community’s desire for a diverse mix of quality businesses.
D’Amore’s has another Malibu location in the PC Greens building that will continue operation, as well as venues in Thousand Oaks, Canoga Park, Westwood Village, Camarillo, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Tarzana and Tustin, according to its website.
The second dining establishment facing closure is Guido’s in Malibu Village, which does not appear to have a set date for closure and currently is on a month-to-month lease.
Owner Antonio Castanos, who also operates the Guido’s in West Los Angeles, told the Malibu Surfside News last week he does not have a closing date, but added it is “probably sooner than later.”
While one wouldn’t compare Guido’s departure status to the brouhaha that surrounded the closure years ago of the Dume Room, western Malibu’s old-fashioned saloon, that both places served as neighborhood bars for “locals” elicits comparison.
In addition, Guido’s was for years and remains the “unofficial” watering hole for many of the city’s mayors, council members and other municipal officials.
During one particular administration, it was dubbed the City Hall adjunct. Some elected officials and those retired from public office have had or still have their own tables.
It was not uncommon for city staff to be summoned to those reserved tables for “upper level” discussions.
A Serra Retreat activist even has his own table where other activists meet often to plan strategy.
Guido’s is one large room, which may help to explain how an elaborate and complicated social scene evolved over the years that extended to allowing so-called political opponents to enjoy their dinner and drinks under the same roof at the same time.
While there are always some residents who will lament any pending dining changes, there are others who see them as an opportunity for Malibu to expand its dining horizons. Indian, Persian, Korean, Vietnamese, or Vegan, anyone?

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