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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Malibu Election Numbers Fell in Line

• Local Candidates for SMMUSD Got Their Message Across


How did Malibu speak when the electorate gave voice at the ballot box last week?
The results tallied by the Los Angeles County Registrar Recorder showed that of the 5346 ballots cast in the City of Malibu 3057 cast their vote for incumbent Barack Obama (D), while challenger Mitt Romney (R) picked up 2105. There are 9239 registered voters in the City of Malibu, 5246—58 percent—cast ballots.
That same margin held for some of the candidates such as for the US. Senate seat with Dianne Feinstein (D) gathering 3118 ballots to Elizabeth Emken’s (R) 1965. Feinstein won.
In the 27th State Senate District race Fran Pavley (D) won 2936 Malibu votes over Todd Zink’s (R) 2025. Pavley won.
Other races were much closer in Malibu. 33rd Congressional District incumbant Henry Waxman (D) squeaked by Bill Bloomfield (NPP) 2633 to Bloomfield’s 2292. Waxman received 53.2 percent of the vote to 46.8 precent.
The outcome in the 50th Assembly District is still undecided. In Malibu, Richard Bloom (D) was the apparent winner with 2154 votes to Betsy Butler’s (D) 2040.Bloom has 75,703 votes in the district, with Butler at 75,485 Absentee and provisional ballots are still being counted.
The Santa Monica-Malibu ES measure passed in Malibu by 2460 yes votes to 1888 no votes.
The top three vote-getters in Malibu for school board seats in the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District were Karen Farrer with 2578, Craig Foster garnering 2463 and Seth Jacobson gathering 2044 .
However, none of Malibu candidates won.
Some of the initiatives were close in Malibu. State Measure 30 barely lost in Malibu by 2527 votes no, to 2518 votes yes, but passed at state level.
The so-called union donation proposition, Measure 32 ,was voted down 2746 to 2140 in Malibu and lost at the state level.
State Measure 34, the repeal of the death penalty handily won in Malibu with 2770 for and 2221 voting against. It lost statewide,
Most Malibuites agreed on a vote for Measure 35, the prohibition against human trafficking with 3898 voting for Measure 35 and 1067 voting against (won).
Measure 31 lost in Malibu with voters casting 2877 votes against the state measure and 1709 votes for 31 (lost).
Voters were almost evenly divided on the safe sex in adult films with Malibu voters turning it down 2453 votes to 2123 yes ballots (won).
Measure 37, the food labeling initiative won big in Malibu with 2990 yes votes to 2038 no ballots (lost).
Malibu is separated into voting precincts in the incorporated area and in the unincorporated area, which is called Malibu Heights.
There are 1703 registered voters in the hillside community. There were 758 ballots cast in this election garnering a 44 percent turnout, according to county records.

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