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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Council Approves LCPA in Order to Update Malibu’s Public Access Map

• Revisions Needed for Additional Access Sites


The Malibu City Council voted this week to adopt a resolution approving a Local Coastal Program Amendment to the LCP Land Use Plan to update the city’s public access map and directed staff to submit the LCPA to the California Coastal Commission for review and certification.
The map shows the existing public beach parks throughout the city, as well as, lateral beach access areas along the shoreline and vertical beach access points between the nearest public street and the beach, according to city planners.
“I was amazed at the amount of beach access,” said Councilmember Laura Rosenthal. Also apparently impressed, Mayor Lou La Monte said, “They found 582 access points!”
The existing map was certified by the Coastal Commission in September 2002.
Since that time, 23 new lateral Offers-to-Dedicate, or easements, have been recorded in the city.
The current standard of practice for municipal planners for acquiring new OTDs involves a voluntary offer by a property owner as part of a new development project. When an owner voluntarily offers the access, staff includes the OTD as a condition of approval in the project approval resolution in order to memorialize the offer. The majority of the 23 new lateral OTDs were acquired through voluntary offers, according to city planners.
As part of this LCPA process, the updated map incorporates the additional 120 lateral OTDs/easements and 19 vertical easements for a total of 539 lateral OTD/ easements and 50 vertical easements, planners report.
The maps make a distinction between lateral public accessways that are recorded as OTDs versus those accepted and rerecorded as easements.
The updated map makes a distinction between vertical public access easements that are constructed/open to public use versus those that are not yet constructed or open to public uses.
There are several maps provided in the Land Use Plan including the LCP parklands map, which shows the location of existing/ future trails and public parkland.
In 2011, the city council adopted an updated LCP parkland map whereby the map was retitled, according to planners, as the LCP Parkland and Trails System Map and also included several new trails envisioned for the city and showed the location of all existing parkland.
The parkland map shows all public access and recreation landward of the first public street along all public access and recreation seaward of the first public street along the coast in the form of lateral and vertical beach access and public beach parks.
Combined, the parklands map and public access map make up the breadth of existing public access and recreation in the city, as well as helping staff guide for future recreational opportunities, according to officials.

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