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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Local Store Agrees to Stop Sales of Rodenticide That Impacts Wildlife


The Malibu CVS store will no longer stock products containing anticoagulant rodenticide, which is known to poison wildlife.
  The Malibu Agricultural Society contacted CVS with the request to discontinue sales of the product.
CVS District Manager Steve Yamamoto informed the local activist group last week that CVS would comply with their request and remove the rodenticide from the Malibu store.
Malibu residents renewed the call for a citywide ban on the sale and use of anti-coagulant rodenticides following necropsy results that indicate that the young female mountain lion found dead in Point Mugu State Park in October had low levels of two anticoagulant compounds that are found in rodenticide in its system.
 A press release from the National Park Service states. "Anticoagulants lead to uncontrolled bleeding and have been confirmed as the cause of death for two other mountain lions in the Santa Monica Mountains during the last ten years.
Anticoagulant rat poison  causes the animal that ingests it to bleed to death internally.
Animals that depend on rodents as a food source become victims of secondary poisoning. Even at non-fatal doses the chemical can build up in the animal's system causing immune system problems that can include sarcoptic mange and frequently lead to a slow death.
“Thank you very much for all of your efforts in dealing with this important issue of rodenticides in Malibu,” wrote MAS secretary Kian Schulman, in response to Yamamoto’s announcement.
 “As you can see from the example of the recent mountain lion death at Pt. Mugu State Park, decreasing the amount of rodenticides in the natural environment here is critical.
“This decision by CVS to remove rodenticides from the Malibu store demonstrates real community responsibility. We will enthusiastically spread the word of this contribution.

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