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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Public Participation Requested for Crafting of Formula Retail Measure

•A Working Definition of ‘Community-Service’ Is Critical for the Process to Get Underway


Malibu planning officials are holding what they are calling a community meeting on formula retail to obtain input from the public on what criteria should be used in the draft ordinance on Thursday, Dec. 13, at 6 p.m. in the mul ti-purpose room at Malibu City Hall.
Planners are also seeking public comment for language for use in the definition of “communityserving business.”
Following the meeting, the draft ordinance will be prepared by staff and scheduled for public  review at an upcoming planning commission meeting, which is expected to be scheduled in early 2013, according to city officials.
The matter will also be scheduled for an upcoming city council meeting in order to continue the discussion on commercial diversification, according to a press release issued by the municipality.
An unusual feature of the meeting is a limited number of keypad polling devices that will be used at the session to obtain feedback.
“If you plan to attend this meeting and wish to participate in the polling process,” contact City Hall to reserve a spot, the press release states.
There will be two parts to the meeting. At the the first, the public will be asked to provide input on criteria to use in the draft formula retail ordinance.
Planners give such examples as the applicability of such a law, findings that should be made, and exclusions, if any, that should be considered. “Staff will outline the direction set by the city council and key factors to consider in the ordinance, then will present several rounds of questions on proposed criteria to include.
The keypad device will be employed to allow those individuals with them to vote on the questions presented,” the press release states.
The second part will focus on defining “community-serving will break into small groups to draft ideas for consideration by the group via polling, according to planners.

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