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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

RWQCB Grants Permit to Malibu Mesa Sewage Plant

• Facility Serves Population of 4300


The Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board at a public hearing in Simi Valley recently gave unanimous approval for the reissuance of a wastewater permit for the Malibu Mesa water reclamation plant, which serves Pepperdine University and Malibu Country Estates.
The plant, which is operated by the Los Angeles County Public Works Department, serves about 4300 persons, according to the RWQCB.
“It was pretty much cut and dried [hearing],” said Raul Medina, a water resource control engineer with the RWQCB.
“The board members questioned the time it takes on the work plan, thinking it was taking too long,” said Medina. “But the board understood when Los Angeles County and Pepperdine explained that is the stated time.”
The landscape impoundments also known as storage reservoirs, and irrigation facilities is owned, operated and maintained by Pepperdine.
Under normal operation, the recycled water is discharged into the two landscape impoundments at the university campus. The recycled water is then used for irrigation for approximately 141 acres of the 282 developed acres of the university campus, according to RWQCB documents.
“During the wet season (Nov. 1 through April 15 of each year) when irrigated areas are saturated with water and the storage reservoirs are in imminent danger of overtopping, the recycled water may be discharged to surface water.
“The discharge to surface water will be limited to 10 days per year, unless authorized in writing by the executive officer upon demonstration of necessity under emergency conditions. There was no discharge of effluent wastewater to surface water during the previous permit cycle,” the RWQCB document states.
On the basis of preliminary review and application of standards and regulations, the board, agreed to issue revisions to the discharge permit including effluent limitations and special conditions.
The discharges by Los Angeles County are from discharge points identified as Marie Canyon Creek and an unnamed canyon west of Maria Canyon Creek and are subject to waste discharge requirements that are set forth in what is called the order.
The Malibu Mesa facility has a design capacity of .20 mgd. The average plant effluent is about .177 mgd. All domestic wastewater generated by the university is collected at the flow generation.
The majority of the wastewater is sent to Malibu Mesa and any portion of wastewater over 0.165 mgd is sent to the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District Tapia water reclamation facility. Domestic wastewater generated by Malibu Country Estates flows directly to Malibu Mesa.
The RWQCB approval takes effect on Jan. 25, 2013 and will expire on Nov. 10 2017.

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