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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bluffs Park May Have 35 More Acres that Can Be Developed

• Grasslands Areas Not Designated as Requiring Protection


City Manager Jim Thorsen announced at the Malibu City Council meeting this week that there may be 30 to 35 additional acres that could be developed at Bluffs Park.
“It opens up the whole center of the park that could have potential uses for a skate park, tennis court, BMX facility or combination of facilities,” he said.
The information may be important to municipal officials since they are considering taking possession of the remaining 83 acres at Bluffs Park in exchange for the 532-acre city-owned Charmlee Wilderness Park.
Thorsen said during a biology assessment of the site that it was discovered that a 30-plus acre grassland area is not an Environmental Sensitive Habitat Area and is in a flat centrally located area of the park.
“We can incorporate it into the Environmental Impact Report and we don’t have to have it dezoned,” he added.
At the same time council members announced they were holding town hall meetings and hikes on the Bluffs property.
Councilmembers Joan House and Mayor Lou La Monte were conducting one on Wednesday after the Malibu Surfside News went to press.
Councilmembers Laura Rosenthal and John Sibert have scheduled a town hall meeting at the Bluffs Park deal on Saturday, Feb. 23, at 10 a.m. Rain cancels.
“John Sibert and I talked about the land swap and thought we would do a town hall meeting. We will walk the park. Wear good shoes [for walking],” she said.
Critics of the land swap contend the exchange does not make sense since there is so little developable land at Bluffs Park.
The most recent announcement adds an additional factor to the equation while the merits of the land swap are debated.

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