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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

City Council Members Slated to Make New Appointments after Completing Reorganization of Its Commissions

• Public Appears to Be Indifferent to Structural Changes


In the final stages of the Malibu City Council’s alteration of its commission, committee and board lineup, the council is poised to appoint new panelists at its regular meeting next week.
At that session, each council member is expected to appoint one public works commissioner and also appoint one wastewater advisory committee member.
In a related matter, the council is anticipated to approve a municipal policy limiting an individual’s service to one commission, committee or board at a time.
The city council’s Commission/ Committee Organization Ad Hoc Committee, comprised of current Mayor Lou La Monte and Councilmember John Sibert, previously recommended that the council adopt Council Policy No. 48.
It reads, “In order to give all residents the opportunity to serve, the council agreed with the ad hoc committee’s recommendation to adopt a policy limiting an individual’s service to one commission, committee or board at a time,” a staff report states.
The policy further states: “Should a council member wish to appoint an individual who is currently serving as a member of another commission, committee or board, the individual would be required to resign their current position prior to being considered for the new appointment.”
Last month, the city council unanimously approved disbanding some of the panels and terminating members as part of a major overhaul of those commissions and committees.
The council agreed to a plan calling for disbanding the Native American Cultural Resources Advisory Committee, the Trails Master Plan Advisory Committee and the Economic Advisory Committee.
The council’s Commission/ Committee Organization Ad Hoc Committee had already given the nod to the shake up.
Another upheaval calls for the Public Works Commission to combine functions with the Telecommunications Commission and remove panelists from both commissions—the existing Public Works Commission members and Telecommunications commissioners and direct the staff to bring back an item for each council member to appoint a commissioner to the new panel.
The council also agreed to restructure the Wastewater Advisory Committee by removing the current members of the committee and modifying the number of members on the panel and means of appointment.
No changes were made to the most important and powerful panel, the municipal planning commission.
Similarly, all other city panels were to continue operation in their current format.

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