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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

City Manager Gives a Current Progress Report on Municipal View Restoration Program

• 300 Primary View Applications Made


Last September, Malibu city officials issued a deadline for property owners to submit an application for the city’s View Restoration Program, or VRP.
After the deadline passed, no further information was forthcoming from planning officials and it seemed the matter had quietly gone away.
However, this week, City Manager Jim Thorsen gave an update on the program. “There were 300 primary view applications submitted,” said Thorsen, who indicated half of those applications have been completed. “We still have 150 to do. We hope to have another 100 done by the end of February.”
The city manager said the staff hopes to have everything back to the city council by springtime.
On March 2012, the city council adopted the view restoration ordinance, which allows preservation of primary views as they existed on Feb., 13, 2012, or a date thereafter.
Property owners who were interested in preserving their primary views were required to request a primary view determination from the planning department staff by submitting an application.
Thorsen said the staff has been going out to homes whose owners submitted an application to take photos and determine the primary view. He said the procedure is taking time because the weather can be a determinant, or deterrence, and staff must plan accordingly.
The city does not currently have an ordinance that allows for restoration of a pre-existing view obstructed by landscaping.
The view restoration program provides property owners, according to city officials, the opportunity to inform decision-makers of their interest in restoration of views if an ordinance were to be adopted in the future.
Future view restoration regulations may be adopted that apply only to those who submitted VRP applications.
Results from the six-month program, which began in March, will be reported to the city council.

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