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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Official Contends Public Kept Apprised on Formula Retail

• Website Will Monitor Draft Ordinance


A planning official indicates there has been more information on the city’s website about formula retail than was previously reported last week.
“The transcript of the December 12, 2013 community formula retail is now available on the city’s website at the link:,” wrote project planner Joseph Smith in an email blast that went out on Dec. 20 to interested parties.
On Jan. 10, there was another email blast that went out to parties who had signed up for the email updates.
Additional information was made available that the tentative date announced for consideration of the draft ordinance by the city’s planning commission in January 2013 would be pushed up a bit.
“As we evaluate the extent to which the draft ordinance will be in conformation with the CEQA, further updates regarding meeting dates and the draft ordinance will be sent as we have more information,” another email reported.
Smith said there would be further information sent out, regarding meeting updates and the draft ordinance, including CEQA documentation.
Two weeks ago, City Manager Jim Thorsen announced municipal officials expect the draft retail formula ordinance will be available for public scrutiny by the end of this month.
“The draft is nearly complete,” he said.
The city manager added that the proposed draft ordinance plus the CEQA documents would be included in the packet of materials.
The news account incorrectly reported there had been little information about the progress of the legislation since a town hall meeting last year in December when participants used electronic devices to “help the staff” draft certain particulars of the proposed ordinance.
Smith explained that most folks found out about the progress of the proposed formula retail ordinance by being on the emailing list.

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