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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Trancas Center Enters Next Phase

• Bulldozers Remove Vestiges of Old Businesses


It might better be called the Trancas Trailer Park shopping center as the last of the storefronts move into temporary trailers to do business.
Even Starbucks is serving its cups of java out of a trailer window as work crews continue to remodel the shopping center. Drill, Trancas Cleaners and Postal Annex have moved into the temporary trailers as well.
The flowers, plants and petting zoo of the Trancas Canyon Nursery once known as the Malibu Garden Center, when former locals Steve and Corinne Stefanko owned it, are gone as construction crews bulldoze the northwest corner of the center property removing all of the outbuildings.
Both the nursery and Sea Lilly are housed in temporary trailers in what was once ground zero of the burgeoning movement to preserve “mom and pop stores” in Malibu.
There was little fanfare as most of the movement participants have moved on to Malibu City Hall where reluctant lawmakers have been able to table any kind of legislation for months.

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