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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Malibu Lagoon Reconstruction Will Finish on Schedule

Construction Team Is Focused on Final Plantings and Interpretive Features as March 15 Opening Arrives


State Parks’ Malibu Lagoon Restoration and Enhancement Project is nearing completion and will finish on time, according to project manager Mark Abramson. The park is scheduled to reopen to the public on Friday, March 15.
The Malibu Surfside News had the opportunity to tour the newly reconstructed lagoon park with Abramson on Friday.
A pristine decomposed granite walkway parallels the newly reconfigured fire access road, providing side-by-side ADA and emergency vehicle access from the parking lot to the beach.
Red and blue flags mark where plants are growing. “In a year or two this place will be a jungle,” Abramson said.
Not all of the upland areas  had had been planted yet, but the lagoon, islands and a bioswale designed to capture and redirect runoff from the Malibu Colony to Legacy Park, was filled with a variety of plants, ranging from tules to sycamore saplings.
The ‘winter clock,” a ramp that demonstrates the fluctuations of the tides and how the lagoon fills with water during the periods of time when it is closed off from the sea by the sand berm, is also nearly complete.
“Every foot of tide moves the water 10 feet up the ramp,” Abramson said. “I’ve seen the grebes swim over it and dive for food when the tide is high.” At low tide the sculpture becomes a walkway.
“Feel the wind?” Abramson asked.“We designed the islands to maximize wind fetch, it helps to keep the water circulating.”
“We are going to be ready to open on March 15,” Abramson said. “Everything is going well.”
Project proponents indicate that they hope that the end result will remove critic’s reservations about the reconstruction.
Beachgoers say they will be glad to have the main path to Surfrider open again.

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