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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CCC Director Says LCPA ‘Legally Adequate’

• Amendment Includes School Outdoor Lighting Standards


The City of Malibu’s Local Coastal Program Amendment on institutional zone development standards jumped its final hoop when the coastal agency’s executive director recently made a determination that the action by the city and agreement with the commission’s certification with suggested modifications is “legally adequate.”
A special provision of the new zoning law added by a subcommittee of the city council allows outdoor lighting at public high schools with a conditional use permit.
In February 2013, the commission approved LCPA with suggested modifications. The city council had approved what the municipality is calling Ordinance No. 373 in March 2013.
Municipal planners had indicated both the Malibu municipal code and the LCP provide specific development standards for development projects located in the residential and commercial zoning districts, however, neither provides a set of standards for projects located in the institutional zone.
“These projects can include fire stations, towing yards, religious institutions, private and public educational institutions  and outdoor activities/facilities such as sporting events and farmers markets,” a staff report states.
While both codes provide general requirements for setbacks, height and floor area ratio, all remaining components default to the residential development standards listed in the municipal code, according to planners.
“The current set of permitted and conditionally permitted uses within the institutional zone are limited and inadequately regulate the scope of existing and potential uses within this zoning district,” the report goes on to assert.
The planning staff anticipates that there will be an improvement in the planning review process and better regulation governing complex institutional projects and transparent guidelines for applicants to follow during project design.
It was during a review of the ordinance by the Zoning Revisions and Code Enforcement subcommittee or ZORACES that language was inserted to add the outdoor lighting for public high schools.  ZORACES recommended staff to return with a revised version of the amendment package that was exclusive to adding outdoor lights at public high schools as a conditionally permitted use within the institutional zone.

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