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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Council Asked to Support Chopper Noise Curb

•  Legislation Is in the Works at the Federal Government


Malibuites who are sick and tired of helicopter noise may want to join the Malibu City Council and other Angelenos in supporting the Los Angeles Residential Noise Relief Act of 2013.
The council is scheduled to consider a vote next week in support of the measure. Low flying helicopters is nothing new for Malibu or the rest of Los Angeles County.
Residents in Malibu and many other neighborhoods throughout the county have been dealing with he noise disturbance cause by the low flying choppers for many years.
Everyone is quick to point out how helicopters can provide a tremendous benefit when used by health officials or law enforcement.
However, the growing use of the flying devices for such activities as sightseeing, area tours, filming and paparazzi has caused what some call an “unacceptable intrusion” on the quality of life for local residents due to copter traffic.
Unlike airplane traffic, helicopters are not currently regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration or any other agency, according to city officials.
House Resolution 456 introduced by Malibu Congress member Henry Waxman, along with Representative Adam  Schiff, Janice Hahn and Brad Sherman, Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer introduced Senate Bill 208.
The measures would direct he FAA to develop regulations for helicopter operations in Los Angeles County that would include requirements relating to flight paths and altitude in order to reduce helicopter noise pollution and increase safety in residential areas, according to city officials.
Councilmember Skylar Peak sent a letter of support for HR 456 to Waxman last month. Mayor Lou La Monte and Peak are now asking the full council to support.

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