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Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Former Mentor Continues to Seek Answers to Cause of Young Woman’s Death after Malibu Restaurant Incident

If she was alive, Mitrice Richardson would have celebrated her 28th birthday this week. No doubt she would have been living her dream of becoming a psychologist.
That her life was cut short in such a tragic way and there are still no answers to what happened to her is unacceptable.
Someone knows what happened to her and should come forward. The answers lie with those who are most connected with her case. Those who arrested her, released her and investigated her case have the power to provide the answers to what happened to Mitrice.
Some of them may be guilty of not protecting and serving her and some may be guilty of not properly investigating her case.
I ask the following individuals to come forward if they have the information needed to solve her case:
Lt. Scott Chew (LASD)
Jailer Sheron Cummings (LASD)
Deputy Frank Brower (LASD)
Deputy Armando Loureiro (LASD)
Deputy John McKay (LASD)
Commander Tom Martin (LASD
Deputy Ismael Rodriquez (LASD)
Sgt. Mike Holland (LASD)
Sgt. Derrick Alfred (LASD)
Deputy Jim Mulay (LASD)
Deputy Hill (LASD)
Deputy Ken Bomgartner (LASD)
Deputy Yoav Shalev (LASD)
Sgt. Eric Lasko (LASD)
Sgt. Tui Wright (LASD)
Captain Joe Stephen (former LASD)
Detective John Benedict (LASD)
Lt. Michael T. Rosson (LASD)
Detective Dan McElderry (LASD)
Detective Kevin Acebedo (LASD)
Michael Gennaco (OIR)
Ben Jones (Former OIR)                                                                   
Walter Katz (OIR)
Detective Steven Eguchi (LAPD)       
Detective Charles Knolls (LAPD)
Detective Kristin Merrill (LAPD)
My heart is aching knowing that this is another birthday that Mitrice Richardson will not be celebrating.
I woke up at 5 a.m. to make my journey out to Monte Nido to place flowers at the creek bed entrance. I did not stay long, just long enough to place the sunflowers.
It is my way of reminding the community that she was there. Maybe someone will see the flowers and feel compelled to come forward with what they know.

Ronda L. Hampton

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