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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

New City Website Is Strong on User Connectivity, Graphics and Basic Info for Residents

• Project in Works for Months Debuts New Mayoral Format for State of City Speech

The City of Malibu held a soft launch of its new website at the end of last week but municipal news junkies quickly latched onto the site and largely sang its praises.
Prominent on the new site is Mayor Lou La Monte’s 2013 State of the City video address.
The video showcases the city staff—the people who are the heart of the government structure who run the city and are given credit for  the “excellent” financial and structural shape in which the city is said to be.
The site’s self-described goal is a computer tool that will be “user friendly” and serve as the first line of access to municipal information on a range of topics that are expected to meet many residents’ basic local government needs and be able to direct them to where to go next to get more complicated concerns addressed.
The city’s website was designed by a professional firm specializing in government websites.
The new site includes the popular wherewithal to enable those accessing it to create personalized dashboards when they log in and readily input the modules, features and keywords that they might use most often, including calendars, information, reports and emergency alerts.
The site is located at: